Saturday, October 9, 2010

Art at WEG

This post is especially for my talented friends:  brother Tom and sister-in-law Pat at, who make jewelry, friend Jan who makes bronzes, friend Suzanne who taught art for years and years, blog friends Lori at and Sandy at, who are both artists.  I don't have a drop of artistic talent, and I so admire you who do.

The sparkle horse was suspended from a ceiling.

For brother Tom - Samari under construction
You can click on this photo (or any photo) to get a detailed view

"Warhorse" by Douwe Blumberg

"Reflections" by Douwe Blumberg
This piece is 11' tall.  The horse is bronze, and the reflection is stainless steel.
It's stunning.


in2paints said...

All the pieces are beautiful. I thought the wooden wooden horses were my favorite until I saw "Reflections". It is just breathtaking. Wow.

I like to think I'm artistic, but I have no proof. :)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow the sculptures are beautiful !!...truely a work of art !!...if you visit my blog early this year will see my track...thankfully I had enough food, I had to meet the supplier at one stage with the tractor..down the road..about 2 miles away !..when the track was passable !! It was 5ft deep at one stage !!....not looking forward to that again ......Jayne

Jabacue said...

WOW! Terry, these are incredible! The second one, stainless steel, breath-taking. Thanks so much.
Now for that Duet you were looking for? It was a trail run for that post....wasn't sure if it worked on not. It's posted now though....hope you enjoy it.

Flartus said...

Horses sure do inspire a lot of folks, don't they? That Reflections one is breathtaking. I could look at it all day--I'm surprised you could get a picture of it without people surrounding it!

~ Tom said...

Thanks Terry, Pat and I love all of them! And you're right, I'm particularly fond of the Samurai ~ I just love seeing waxes in progress. It's fascinating. David Blumberg's Warhorse has an amazing presence.

And Dear Sister . . . Living is an artform. Living well requires true artistic talent.

~ Tom

Louise said...

Oh, I love the "reflections" one. But, they are all just beautiful. Of course, to me, the greatest art would be all of the living beauties that you saw on your trip.

Funder said...

Wow. Bad horse art is SO terrible (you know, little resin cowboy horses in snowglobes for sale at truck stops), but good horse art is breathtaking! Thanks :)

allhorsestuff said...

That is so awesome..that you got to go and that you posted these beauties!

Sandy said...

Wow these are incredible and that sculpture at the bottom with the reflection, ohhhh!!!

Thanks for the shout out but thanks for sharing these incredible pieces of horse art.