Monday, October 3, 2011

From Ben

Hey Janet, I heard you asked how I'm doin'.  I'm good.
How you doin'?
I get lots of good eats.  3 pounds oats.  3 pounds corn.
3 ounces Red Cell.
A cup of brown sugar.
All the hay I can eat.
I don't have to do any work.
I just go out to the pasture and hang out.
This weekend it will be 30 days since my blood got healthy.
Dr. Gary says they can slowly cut back on some of my good eats. 
Next they'll want me to go to work!
Can I come live with you?

Editor's Note - Ben is not going anywhere!  We love him to bits.


Lori Skoog said...

I would be happy to volunteer to take Ben...and his harness....and his cart.

Janet said...

Oh thank you for the update Terry -so glad Ben is looking so well -he`s such a gorgeous boy -would love to have him to stay-trouble is I wouldn`t be able to stop myself from spoiling him rotten !!

Anonymous said...

So glad he's doing well!

Flartus said...

Gosh Ben, you look healthy as...a horse! (A big, handsome horse, that is.)

Jim said...

Sure Ben! You would love the beaches here!

Texan said...

Ben I think you have a darn cushy life where you are big fella LOL... I think you know it too :O).

Louise said...

And, being a happy Clyde, he will, really, enjoy getting back to work. He looks wonderful.

in2paints said...

I'm glad he's feeling well! He looks fantastic! :)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ben looks fantastic !!....lovely photos and great to see him looking soooo good !!....after his illness.....he's so special...he's going no-where !!.......Jayne

Ruffles said...

Ben looks gorgeous!! I'm so glad he's better :)

Dreaming said...

Pippin and Doc have started a petition. They feel they are being starved and mistreated. If the petition doesn't work, they want to come live with you. They asked for directions!

Sharon said...

Hi Ben, so glad you are better, but still getting the goodies! ;-)