Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Up on the Roof Top

Remember the 4th of July hailstorm?
We're getting a new roof.  We are on Day 2, and I can't hear myself think.  It's not reindeer up there.

Our poor house!  At least it's not snowing.


in2paints said...

I'm so terrified of heights I could never be a roofer... that guy doesn't even have any kind of safety equipment on!

Hopefully they finish your roof quickly so the peace can return. :)

Jabacue said...

A sigh of relief when the roof in done! Then you'll be ready for winter!

~ Tom said...

Yea, you'll be ready for Winter! But now I've got "up on the rooftop" running through my head. At least it replaced "Back in the saddle again"! Which I've been hearing since reading your wonderful Oh yes I did post!

~ Tom

Canyon Girl said...

Glad you'll get that done before winter comes.

Louise said...

It's going to be so nice when it's done. Hope they're quick.

sophie... said...

Oh didn't you hear...No Winter this Year...seriously....thought I should pass it on. Now your roof will be happy!

Jabacue said...

Thanks so much for your insights on charities. Great comment!