Thursday, September 16, 2010

More on Boomer and Me

Yesterday Boomer's farrier Greg took Boomer's shoes off for the winter and trimmed his hooves.  He probably won't be driven on the lane without shoes, so we're moving toward getting him back under saddle and working him in the nice soft dressage arena.  This morning David saddled him for me, and I hand-walked him there.  The saddle didn't bother him at all, so tomorrow we'll sit on him and check him out.  We're one step closer to getting back to work!  Yah!

Physical therapy continues to go well for me.  My shoulder joint is loosening up "wonderfully", and I didn't even get the for-an-old-lady qualifier.  I've started strengthening exercises with 3 pound weights.  So far, that's the only thing I feel in my collar bone as opposed to my shoulder.  I had told my therapist I need to be able to carry water buckets, so she had me weight one.  They are 32 pounds!  We have a ways to go on strengthening, but it's a start.  The fingers are still lagging behind in loosening up, but I'm seeing some improvement.  So all is well.

Niles, my Protector Kitty, has backed off on his night vigils except for the days I go to physical therapy.  Those days, it's back to protection with a vengeance.

I learned about these cat videos from Sandy at  Thanks, Sandy!  That's my Niles.


Louise said...

I'm so glad that you and Boomer are doing so well. You'll get to that 32 lb. water bucket very quickly, I think. And, I just can't wait to see pictures of Boomer under saddle! I love Simon's Cat and wait eagerly for each new one to come out.

Flartus said...

Wow, you could start charging yuppies to come carry water buckets for you as a daily workout! Eh? Whaddya think?

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Those water buckets are heavy ! just don;t rush the progress...nice and easy...for both of will be worth it in the long run !!....Jayne

in2paints said...

I knew those buckets were heavy, but I would never have guessed 32 pounds!!

Glad to hear you and Boomer are doing well. I'm sure he'll look super cute under saddle. :)

Texan said...

I need Greg to come look at a goat hoove :O). I have one I am not quite sure what to do with.

Girly I am not injured and I couldn't pick up a 32 lb water bucket!! Yikers

Funder said...

Yay for your shoulder!

Sandy said...

Yes, I love those videos!

Anonymous said...

That is so my Cabo kitty. Just found your blog. Some day I hope to move to CO and bring my hooved kids!