Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prairie Changes

On my morning walk with Boomer, I found this feather trapped in a sunflower along our lane.  David leaves the sunflowers for the birds when he mows. 
As we walked along, I noticed how the prairie is changing.  Golden asters still line our lane,
but the autumn blooming rabbitbrush is making its presence known.

The grasses have dried out and developed seedheads.

The yuccas have seedpods.
Can Fall be fall be far off?

In the afternoon, I found this handsome spider on our horse trailer.  I think it's a black and yellow garden spider, but it's a little odd to find one here.  Like the name implies, they usually like gardens, not horse trailers on the high prairies.


Canyon Girl said...

What lovely pictures. We have a lot of rabbit brush here too. They are not in bloom yet, but soon everything will be yellow around here. I'm looking forward to following fall and winter arrivals on the various blog across the country.--Inger

sophie... said...

These are fascinating as always. The progression of life to death is always amazing I think!

Texan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I tootled on over here to read yours. I enjoyed it very much.
Will be back again :O).

What a bad break you have there. OUCH! That must be very painful. Hope that heals up really well for you!

I love horses as long as they are on the other side of the fence from me! Ya, I am scared spitless of them. They are stunningly beautiful animals I think.

Funder said...

Rabbitbrush, huh? I have quite a bit of that in my pasture. Had to whack down a bunch of it off the fenceline yesterday. I love your prarie pics!

Sandy said...

Ohh beautiful photos. I love fall colors and I LOVE sunflowers. If you want to join in, I'm doing a Sunday fall colors post on my main blog, where people post their fall colors in their area and let me know and I link to them.

main blog is Sandy's walks around town.

~ Tom said...

Great photos Terry. Such nice light, it must have been a beautiful morning. I'm glad you took your camera. Suddenly Fall is coming here and we're not ready for it!

~ Tom