Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Snowiest Month

Did you know that March is Colorado's snowiest month?  Yep, it is.  And sure enough, we are having another blizzard.  The horses are on lock-down.  That's not popular.

Don't let this sweet face fool you...

Paj has just about had it
with lock-down.

That is not a happy horse face.

Tomorrow will be much nicer, and the boys will get out.  But today, the snow is whipping across the plains as the wind rages at 50mph. 

My orchids are brightening up this nasty day.  I bought my first orchid off the dying-plants-on-sale table at the grocery store about 10 years ago.  It's bloomed for me every year ever since, sometimes twice a year.


and still blooming today.

My newest orchid was a Valentine's Day present
from my Valentine.  Aww.

But I have something even better to brighten the snowiest month - good news on Ben.  You may remember that Bob's Clydesdale Ben was very ill in August 2011 with hepatitis.  He spent some time in the hospital, and we have monitored his blood every 3-4 months ever since.  It's been good, and he acts like a healthy horse, but still I worry when it's time to draw blood.

Ben's test vials.

The one with the red top is for the GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase) test, and the other vial is for the CBC (complete blood count) test.

The results?

Drum roll, please...

Normal, all normal!
Good boy, Ben.

Ben and David

We love you, buddy.


GunDiva said...

We got zero snow. Zip, Zilch, Nada. The storm system had this big donut-hole opening in it and we were smack-dab in the middle of that opening. Makes me sad because I was really looking forward to a good old-fashioned blizzard with a reason to sit on the couch with a book and not feel guilty about it. Instead, we just got cold and wind.

I'm sorry the horses are over being stuck in their stalls, but it's Colorado, it'll be fifty on Monday and they can forgive you.

Glad Ben's bloodwork came back normal :)

Dom said...

Shivering just THINKING about that weather.

sophie...^5 said...

Yeah for Ben ~~~ such good progress and news! Sorry about the fr-fr-fr-fr-eezing snowy weather Paj ~~~ horseys must learn to be patient like me ~~~ NOT! Love your orchids ~~~ you obviously have a green thumb. These were tried here and oh oh another one died. Special temps/light and H2O I guess... not available here I guess.

Have a hunker down w/e!

Ron and Sophie Doodle

allhorsestuff said...

Wow Terry!

I Now Know Why My Girlfriend, That Moved To Colorado, Came Up Over A Week Ago!!! She Needed To See Dry Ground. It Was Was Wet For Her, But Green.

Good News On Been

allhorsestuff said...

Multiple Msgs, Cause My Phone Is Weirdo... Long Story.

Great On BeN! How The Heck Does A Horse Get That???

Hunker Down Friends. SEnding Sunshine From Here...Yea, Shocker. If Your March It's The Snowiest, Ours NORMALLY, is All Washed Up In Rain.

allhorsestuff said...

Love, Love, Love Your Gorgeous Orchids!
You Have A Green Thumb( And lots Of Light)

Are They Similar To Growing Violets?

Lori Skoog said...

Maybe you will have a lot of green grass this year. I also love the orchids! You've got the touch.

Good news about Ben. What a hunk!

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hello Terry,

Poor horses... but it's way better to be all warm inside guys!! Hopefully it will be gone soon and not snowing for the whole of March! The Orchids are wonderful, I have gotten to a year 'two' a few times but not more, what's your secret...
Everyone Keep warm there!
Great news for Ben!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

How well I remember those snows, it seemed as if Spring would never get there! I must admit to missing a really good snow.
Gorgeous Orchids, such pretty colors and very exquisite.
Happy to know that Ben is fully recovered, he's such an incredible and handsome Clydesdale, and Paj, hang in there....not much longer now !

in2paints said...

Hopefully for Paj, this year's March is less snowy than usual!

Inger said...

Gorgeous pictures of the snow and I'm so glad that Ben is doing well.

ted and bunny said...

thankyou so much for taking the time to leave your kind comment- I was a bit embarrassed to post about this, but this lack of confidence thing has gone on too long and I thought maybe if I just admit I’m scared it might help- and somehow your support DOES help, daft isn’t it!

Hope all is well with you- its snowing hard here, although our snow is NOTHING like yours!
Have a good week
kindest wishes

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Glad to hear the good news about Ben!! Also, I would have never guessed that March was Colorado's snowiest month. Interesting.

Lauren said...

Yay for good blood results! And those orchids are beautiful.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I am glad with the good news of Ben!

Love the orchids, principally the Valentine's Day present.

Your banner is just stunning!

Willow said...

Wow Paj, your orchids, Ben ...all beautiful ! Oh I miss Colorado, I use to be a trail guide along the canal ,many many many moons ago.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yay :-)

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Beautiful orchids! and FABULOUS news about Ben!!! So wonderful! I'll bet you are all relieved!