Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blizzard - Glorious Day - More Snow

The blizzard was all it was predicted to be.  We had about 10" of snow, 50 mph winds and bitter temperatures.  We all hunkered down and did just fine.  The day after the blizzard was glorious, so out came the camera.  The header photo was taken from Paj's run. 

the ranch south of us

The wind left us with the usual bare spots and drifts.
Drift with Ben and Boomer in the background.

I tried to get some art shots like
to show you how thick the hoar frost was,
but alas,
I'm not Jim.

After our glorious day yesterday, we are having a gloomy, snowy day today.
But maybe this weather will save our pastures.
And maybe we won't have to worry about wildfires as much.
And maybe hay prices will come down.
So stick around, snow.
We can take it.


Cindy D said...

I'm with you there, I wish it would really dump a ton of snow and rain on us this year. 2 springs ago we had a ton of rain and although it was depressing, my pasture lasted all summer. The next year it only made it till about July.

I think your frost pic is fantastic!

Annette Mickelson said...

Those shots are gorgeous! Hopefully, there is a lot of water in that snow.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

We've had 7 inches of rain this month. I'm assuming there's less chances for a drought-ish spring.

Hoping the same for you guys out there. Let's get some hay planted this year!!

Lori Skoog said...

Love these pictures! What a majestic view you have...

I hope that snow gives you all the moisture you need for your pastures, hay etc. We are short of hay back here and it is VERY expensive.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is a beautiful picture in your header. After Sunday's blizzard, I was amazed that there was not even the slightest wisp of a cloud in the sky. And now...yep, we're getting hit hard with today's blizzard. But I'm with you...we need the snow. Keep those fires at bay and bring those hay prices down! Stay warm.

Dom said...

That's some wicked weather, but it certainly LOOKS pretty after the fact.

Ruffles said...

Wow!! The header is just stunning!! Amazing pictures.

Also, Thanks for pointing out that my last post didnt post correctly :)

jenj said...

Absolutely amazing scenery. Glad you guys made it through the blizzard OK!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

A winter wonderland!!! I want to be there.

Kate said...

beautiful photos!

Fundy Blue said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, Terry ~ especially that new header and the hoar frost! I'm glad that everyone made it through fine. I have a friend with horses near me, and I have heard a lot about the price of hay in the last two years, let me tell you. I am snow dancing every day, and not for the school kiddos! Nasty wind last night, but a meager bit of dry snow. I'm for a big dump ~ like the one that Dreaming talked about in Amarillo! Enjoy your day!

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hello Terry,
Loving the header! That is a lot of snow, happy you are all fine.

allhorsestuff said...

That was some Horrendous storm , snow dumpage with winds!
You bet, I am thinking about NO-fires,NO-draught, and LOTS of hay!!

Don't ya just love* the time after storms...all is forgiven with a beautiful/calm.
GORGEOUS shot from Paj's run. Your horses have the view!
I think you captured the frost very is really cool.

I know that the diggin' out has begun. Hang in there~

sophie...^5 said...

Oh what beautiful snow you have and let's hope, fingers crossed that it'll be enough to help this summer. The hoarfrost is spectacular, Jim or no Jim(lol)....we don't get crystals like that here, at least I've never seen any!
Take care Terry, enjoy your snow!!!


Jim said...

That header is outstanding Terry! You guys are so high up! How do you breathe!!??
And you don't want to be 'Jim' need by the looks of these photos. Just beautiful!

Ian Holland said...

Very pretty country side! You must get a lot of high winds with all that open space.

Kay G. said...

Yes, all that lovely snow will melt and you know you need the moisture!
I think your photos are great! We have not seen any snow this year, not YET anyway! :-)

Willow said...

The hoar frost was amazing !

sonia a. mascaro said...

Stunning pictures of the snow, Terry!
Your header is just breathtaking!

Inger said...

What glorious pictures. I can feel the snow and the cold. Reminds me of my winter in Jackson Hole.

Dreaming said...

I missed this in our traveling and unreliable connectivity. How beautiful!