Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visitors in the Storm

It's official.  We're having a blizzard.  You know the snow scene in The Nutcracker where the snow starts flitting down and builds until it's just dumping?  That's the stage we're at - the snow is just dumping down by the bucket load.  The horses are snug in their stalls, happily munching on extra rations. 

Mickey is enjoying a rare break.
It's tough being a ranch dog.

I'm having a break too.
I'm staring out the window, watching the birds.
It's the usual gathering -

mostly goldfinches and house finches,

a cold junco or two,

and somebody new!
It's a pair of pine grosbeaks!
That's the male at the top center of the feeder,
and the female is at the bottom.
The other little birds are goldfinches in their winter plumage.
I've never seen pine grosbeaks at the ranch before.
Now that they've found us, I hope they stick around.
And bring friends.


Dreaming said...

I am so wishing I was snug as a bug in my home during the blizzard. I love blizzards! Your pictures gave me just a bit of that blizzard feeling!
Love the Grosbeaks - how unusual to see them so far south... and outside of the pine forest!
Stay warm & dry!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've been privy to some of those Colorado snows, your not kidding when you say
Stay safe, it looks like you are snuggled down for the duration !

Fundy Blue said...

Lovely post, Terry! Glad to hear the horses are snug and munching! I bet your pretty birds are grateful for that feeder! Stay safe and snug!

Lori Skoog said...

Is it still snowing?

Ruffles said...

Hope you all stay safe and warm.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Looks Mickey is very comfortable enjoying your bed. :)
So lovely you can watch so beautiful birds.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Beautiful birdies! And lucky too! Yum yum yum...happy munching birdies :)

I love that Mickey really knows how to embrace the life of a ranch dog! He does an excellent frog imitation!

Enjoy the snowy weather and hugs to all the critters!

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hope you are all doing OK? Mickey looks quite happy it's snowing!! You really have a bird restaurant there, I am sure they are happy to have found you in the snow!

Jim said...

I trust you are now digging out of that storm?! I agree with Ivan, Mickey looks very content where he is, thank you very much!
I so wish we could feed the birds again. We used to but found that it attracted very 'unwanted rodents' of the large variety!!
Look at those those Grosbeaks! Beautiful as are the others too. Have a great week Terry!

in2paints said...

I love bird watching too! It's always fun to see who comes to snack on the seeds.
Hopefully you're staying warm!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Terry! Love, Joe B.