Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Winter Wonderland...Again

It was a rough day on the ranch yesterday - cold and windy with lots of snow.  This morning we woke up to sunshine and 0 degrees F (-18C).  We staggered down to the barn, did the morning chores, and took a quick look around.

the lunge pen
Behind the lunge pen and under the snow is the arena pad.
David and I are both itching to ride.
It'll be a bit longer now.

bunny print
I don't know why it looks inverted,
but I like the toe prints.

It quickly warmed up to the 20s - time to dig out.

I always breathe a sigh of relief
when the driveway is clear.
How silly, when I-70 is closed
from Denver to Kansas.

David always breathes a sigh of relief
when he's cleared the way for
Waste Management.

Good job,
snow blower,
truck and plow,


Lori Skoog said...

Whoa! You got blasted, and so cold.
It is about 42 here and 98% of the snow has melted. I'm sure we will get more.

Alison said...

I was thinking about you earlier when I was listening to the news. I'm glad you are not buried! Those pictures really do look cold.

I suspect the bunny print looks inverted because the pressure of the bunny's weight compresses the snow just enough to harden it, and then the wind whips away the surrounding snow.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Wow - beautiful but inconvenient. Hope the highways are cleared soon!

I never really looked at a snow blower before. Guessing that shieldy thing is pretty critical... ;D

in2paints said...

We need to band together and get rid of winter somehow!!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I thought of you last night while watching the evening news showing the Denver airport closings due to all the snow. I hoped you and the ranch residents were all snuggly bunkered down !

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Love the bunny prints!!! I hope you had a good weekend! Spring will eventually rear its head :)

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Terry! I've just been rereading a few of your old blogs and catching up on the ones I missed while I was up in Calgary. You've taken lovely photos of our various snowstorms in recent weeks. I feel lazy when I see all the work that a storm entails for you and David, before during, and after! I'm usually tucked in, snug as a bug in a rug, while our street, driveways, and sidewalks get cleared (Thanks HEB!). I just have to worry about keeping my Terry warm and fed. Your orchids are beautiful, and so are the birds gathered around your feeder. Your Tishia looks a lot like my sister Barb's Smoke. And how awesome was your St. Patrick's Day post, from the beautifully worded ad to your words and the picture of David jumping on Skipjack! I am so happy that Ron directed me to your blog and vice versa! I hope things are warming up your way and that Mickey isn't working too hard! Have a good one!

Dreaming said...

I had heard that this recent storm dumped a lot of snow. Even our driveway had to be cleared - normally most of it blows clear. Scott refuses to turn the RV north until the snow is gone!
But, Tucker is telling me that spring is here. He can't walk anywhere without leaving remnants of himself on the ground, furniture, my pants, etc!

Once Upon an Equine said...

The snow is beautiful. Everything looks so bright and clean when the sun comes out the next morning.

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hello Terry,

I feel cold just looking at these photos - beautiful... but I am thinking you want all this gone really and soon!
Hope the horses are coping!
Keep warm!!

Ruffles said...

Oh my goodness!! It looks so cold. It must be annoying having to do chores in the snow but it sure does look pretty.

Lauren said...

Brrr! Y'all got hammered. I'm sure the snow is annoying, but those pictures sure are pretty :)

Texan said...

BRRRRR, it looks so cold. What a lot of snow! Stay warm girly!

I am so loving I have learned how to swim! I drive to the gym three times a week and swim swim swim! :O)

Inger said...

Much as I love snow, that's a bit much at the beginning of spring.

sophie...^5 said...

That's quite the operation you have going there ~~~ the waste management seemed put it all into perspective. Hope you have a great Easter w/e and lots of chocolate bunnies!

Sophie and Ron

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Looks very cold!

May your Easter be blessed and very happy!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Oh Terry...that's really rough. Sigh...I always thought March and April were the hardest times to get storms because I was always so ready for spring.

Maybe you should move to CA near us :)

Sorry...just had to try!
Sending LOTS of warm thoughts!!!