Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Our daffodils are blooming on Easter.
They survived the latest snow storm in fine form.

The daffs got me checking for survivors from last season's plantings.

Chives - looking good!

Sage - hanging in there!

Garlic - a cheap thrill!
I had a couple of withered cloves last year, and instead of tossing them out, I stuck them in the ground.  They grew!  And survived winter!

Sweet Autumn Clematis - signs of life.
This area is too rough for the large flowered clematis,
but Sweet Autumn Clematis can grow here.

"May Night" salvia - alive!

Chokecherry - best surprise.
Chokecherries do well here, but mine looked pitiful all summer.
I really did not expect it to survive.

The jury's still out on -
Butterfly Bush.  They die to the ground in Colorado, so there's still hope.
It bloomed all summer, so at $5.97, we got our money's worth
even if it doesn't come back.

I'm pretty sure my little daylily test pilot is dead.

Did you really think you'd escape without having to hear about the horses?  No, no, no.  After checking out the plants, I had a really good ride on Paj.

Then our friends Diana and Bob came with their pretty girls,
Gossamer and Hannah.

Boomer enjoyed an Easter drive with his family.
It was a lovely Easter.


Mary Ann said...

Oh, that last picture is so wonderful! What fun to cart to boot!

sally said...

Happy Easter wonderful to find little growing treasures in your garden

Lori Skoog said...

Boy, do I wish I could share several hundred daylilies with you. We are so loaded! Looks like a lot of your plants made it through the winter just fine. Glad you got in some horse time.

Alison said...

That's what so exciting about spring--all that new growth, and checking in to find old friends doing just fine. Glad you're enjoying some lovely weather--finally!

(Guess "Hardy Boy" didn't live up to his name, eh?) ;)

sophie...^5 said...

Some of your plants are ahead of ours...we have the sweet autumn clematis...don't you just love the smell...I've lost a few over the was one of the 1st clematis' I ever owned. I am determined to always have one. HAPPY EASTER !!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a gorgeous daffodils!
Gossamer and Hannah look beautiful.
I hope you and your family had a Happy Easter!

Annette said...

I have had horrible luck with butterfly bush -- and they are so pretty. I don't think we get enough water for them. You and Paj look great -

Janet said...

Happy Easter to you too Terry ! It`a amazing how plants survive isn`t it -we had gorgeous weather here about a fortnight ago -I was gardening with my shorts and summer t-shirt on in March - this last week we have had snow and frost -not sure how much it has killed off yet !! nice to catch up with my blogs xx

Dreaming said...

Yes, yes, yes! It is spring time after all! Hooray!
It looks like you have a lot coming up. I'm thinking your day lily still may make it. Some come later than others and they look dead until that first little shoot peaks up. (I AM the eternal optimist!)
Your daffodils are beautiful. I told hubby that we have some daff-o-dils and some daff-NO-dils, i.e. those that send up green shoots, but no blossoms!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Some of my naughtier sheep keep eating my butterfly bush. It's the one thing they bee line to when they break out :-/. Looks like a great Easter day you had :-D.

in2paints said...

I love all the pictures! I looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

Ruffles said...

The daffodils are so pretty and Boomer looks so awesome :)

allhorsestuff said...

Love all those hardy plants!!
Never, never want to read here wirhout some horse news!! It's a rounded post with your vegetation, pooches, friends, horses, product reviews and a drive with Boomer!