Friday, April 20, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Wow, what a lovely day!  No snow!  No wind!  Lots of sunshine!

Pike's Peak is looking pretty.

The daffodils are still blooming!
They started blooming before Easter, and have survived 2 snowstorms!
Love 'em.

My daylilly is alive!  It's not knee-high like Lori's, but it's alive!
Maybe it knows winter's not done with us just yet.

I had a nice ride on Paj today.
Neither one of us is in great shape after the long winter off,
so we're taking it easy. 



First strides of the stretchy-chewy circle.
I like how open he is through his shoulders here,
and how nicely he's stepping under himself.

I think we're starting a turn on the haunches here.
I just like how blue the sky is, lol!

Thank you, David, for the photos.


in2paints said...

Gorgeous photos! And gorgeous weather too! I'm hoping spring has finally arrived for good! :)

Mare(+Missy) said...

Absolutely stunning! Is your arena a full-sized dressage?!

Terry said...
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Terry said...

Me too, Becca! Me too!

Terry said...

Mare, the pad is big enough for a full size arena, but we have a 20m lunge pen in one end, so we've set up a small dressage arena (20m x 40m) on the rest of the pad. Someday we'll build a seperate pad for the lunge pen and set up the full arena, but for now it's working well for us.

Cindi said...

a beautiful site for sure, I'm a native to the Springs, been down here in FL for 5 years, I miss that MTN...CO is so beautiful. Thx for sharing the pic, btw, PAJ & U dont look to bad

Terry said...

Thanks, Cindi! Colorado sure is pretty when the weather is nice, lol!

Dreaming said...

Lovely photos on a lovely day!
I like your new header photo - it's very cool!
Paj has a nice looking trot!

Inger said...

We had a lovely spring day here too. Soldier is doing well on his pain meds. It is comforting to know that we have the harness if something should get worse again. But he's hanging in there. I loved the workout with you and Paj.

Mary Ann said...

I like the new header very much, too!

Ruffles said...

Amazing photos. Paj looks really nice :)

Kate said...

The weather in your area confounds me! lol. Paj is looking so shiny and healthy. Thanks for the photos!

Lori Skoog said...

Talk about contrast! Can't believe your weather...looking at these photos (yes, thank you David) I'd say the conditions were perfect. If I could, I would send you a couple hundred daylillies.
Are they allowed to go through the mail?

Beautiful Paj.

Terry said...

Thanks, Cyndi! He's a nice mover.

Terry said...

I'm so glad Soldier is doing well. Good boy!

Terry said...

Thanks, Mary Ann

Terry said...

Ruffles, he needs a nice young rider like you, who would do fun things with him like take him to the beach!

Terry said...

Did you notice he's wearing the beautiful custom pad you made? My favorite!

Terry said...

Yes, we have extreme weather.
Now that I know daylilies can survive winter here, I'll plant more. That little guy was my test.

Paj is too fat! Just ask Dr. Gary, lol! We're working on that.

Jim said...

Yes, the header is great! So clear and crisp! I can almost feel and breathe the clean air! Terry, you are so high up, is there an adjustment needed for people not living at that altitude?
Good ole daffs eh! They are a hardy lot!
You and Paj look great by the way. Good job David!

Terry said...

Jim, we are at 6,880' elevation!

Alison said...

Doing some catch-up here--just wanted to say how nice Paj's strides look. Nice trot!