Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

I had an extremely nasty computer virus on April Fool's Day.  This popped up on my screen -
followed by a million little warning windows.  It is a trojan virus that masquerades as a hard drive defragmenter.  When you read the warning box that tells you your computer is dying, it says that for $$$$$ they will fix it for you.  It took me all day to get rid of the sucker and restore my files.  I have no idea where I picked this up.  Other than blogging and looking at dreamhorse, I don't do a lot of surfing.  I hope this doesn't happen to you, 'cause it's a major pain.

April 2 isn't looking much better.  We are under a Severe Weather Alert with high winds and 4-8" of snow expected.  Our daffodils have just started blooming.  I brought the full blooms inside and left the buds on the plants.

Whine, whine, whine.
April snow showers bring May flowers, right?


Lori Skoog said...

Your weather sounds very familiar.

Ruffles said...

Glad you managed to get rid of the computer virus.
We have warnings of another weather bomb as well. :/. Hope you guys stay warm and safe throughtout it.

Dreaming said...

Oh, I hate virus attacks. One time I got a lot of spyware and my laptop was totally disabled. It was so frustrating.
Yup... I cut our tulips and brought them inside. I hate that we are supposed to get so much snow.... but I love that we are getting moisture!

Inger said...

That's horrible, that virus. We just had a storm pass by with snow to 4,300 feet and flurries here at 4,141. How they knew that real snow would stop at 4,300 I don't know, but the hills across the way were covered, so they were correct. I love daffodils and the one in the photo is so pretty. I hope the rest survive to bloom at a later date.