Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Herd at Moondance - Part 2

It's cold out there, so it's a good day to be indoors and finally get back to introducing the herd.


David's horse Reggie is the second biggest guy at Moondance.  He's a 17 hand, 17 year old Oldenberg.  We bought Reggie at 22 months of age after David lost his beloved Skipjack.

David and Skipjack competing at Prelim,
undaunted by the cast on David's arm
photo by Regina

David showed a very young Reggie in a Sport Horse halter class to give him exposure to the show environment.  We knew he was an attractive horse with great gaits, but he has a big scar on his left hind, and we figured judges would hold that against him in the "beauty contest" classes.  Reggie surprised us by not only winning his class, but by being Grand Champion of all age groups.

Reggie and Dave

When he was a little older, we started Reggie under saddle.

Reggie, Dave & me
   photo by my Mom

David showed Reggie in dressage and won many awards. 

David and Reggie

But Reggie pretty much hated showing, and he wasn't shy about sharing his feelings. By the time he was showing Second Level, it was clear that it wasn't something he was going to grow out of. Eventually, we decided that we'd rather have a happy pasture horse than a miserable show horse.

Reggie running laps at Moondance

Reggie - happy at last
photo by Laurie