Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Fine Weekend

What a nice weekend we had.  The weather changed from frigid to fabulous.

Friday I toured a local dressage barn with our friends Jan and John.  The barn manager, Deb, lives within sight of Moondance!  I also got to spend some time primping Boomer for the Christmas Parade.  I love primping.

Saturday was a day filled with friends and horses.  Does it get any better?  I don't think so.  David and I traded off horse duties.  David went to the parade with Boomer, Bob, Diana and Gossamer.  Boomer was a star, as always.

Diana, Gossamer, Bob and Boomer

The View from the Surrey

Saturday evening Suzanne and I went to an event billed as "A Horse Lover's Holiday".  It was an upscale presentation of some really nice dressage horses for sale, and a few hunter/jumpers.  They had a great turnout for the event.  There was free wine and food.   We bumped into friends from decades ago, as well as my new neighbor Deb.  The evening concluded with a Grand Prix Pas de Deux ridden to holiday music.  What fun.