Monday, December 21, 2009

Barn Projects

We've had a week of beautiful weather with temperatures in the 50s.  It was great to be able to ride again.

Paj and Zan

David and I both started barn improvement projects.  David's project is to add more insulation to the barn.  The roof is insulated, the tack room is insulated, but the northwest barn wall is not.

Step 1:  Add studs to the wall

My project is smaller.  I want better footing in the wash stall, so I'm adding drain mats.  I'm about halfway done.

Wash Stall

The mats snap together with only a few swear words.  The wash stall is a bit narrower than 12', so I've had to cut an edge off the end mats.  And I've cut out a notch for the post.  It looks pretty darn good.

We also wormed everybody this week.

Dave and Zan