Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photographer Fail

David, Mickey and I went to Colorado Horse Park to watch a few rounds of jumping.  I discovered the obvious; it's hard to capture that perfect moment in a jump.  Most of my photos were taken too early.

and when I tried to compensate,

I was too late.

When I finally caught the perfect moment,

I cut off the rider's head!

 This is the moment I was after.
Too bad about the head!

I did capture a couple of problem moments.
That was never my intention.

I failed jump photography!
I'm sticking to horses on the flat.

There, that's better.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Well, I like pictures that tell stories, so I like your long as no one got hurt.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Well personally I think that third photo is absolutely perfect!!!

Alison said...

I actually prefer that moment in the first photo. I think the horses look stronger and more fluid, and it captures the potential for flight, rather than the flight itself. I don't think I was ever able to capture either moment on film, though, so I understand your frustration.

Jim said...

Terry, I love to watch horse jumping on TV and hold my breath just as they are about to jump!!
Do you have a 'fast action'/speed button/option on your camera? This would allow you to hold the shutter button down for as long as you want and the camera will take many photos in a row.

Texan said...

Well I think they were very good photos! I think I have mentioned I am scared spit-less of horses LOL. I think they are beautiful and I like to pet them or feed them a carrot from the other side of the fence LOL.

jenj said...

Those are fun pictures, even if you don't think they're "perfect". They're full of life and action, and each tells a moment's story. I love them!

Karen Burch said...

I think hey are pretty nice pics, Terry. Some of the boarders at TMR were at that show.

Cindi said...

I like all the photos, they still left me with riders experience. thank you for sharing them

Dreaming said...

Any photo of a horse is a good photo, IMHO!
Years ago my sister tried to get a picture of me jumping my horse. She had the same experiences… and that was before 'digital camera lag'.
It looks like it was a great day to watch jumping.

Lori Skoog said...

No jumping in my future! Great pics tho.

Ron Troke said...

Hey Terry!

What I do when I want to make certain I don't miss a perfect image is ~~ drum roll ~~ take a wide picture then in a editing system like Picassa I crop the picture to the exact size. Fool proof and no more worrying whether you'll get or not get the picture. Good Luck!!

PS! Thanks for the card and ROTFL with your pics!!


Anonymous said...

The first one looks fine to me. -- Joe

Beate said...

I love all these pics, cause they show all the different moments of jumping with horses :) And even though there's lots of movement they're all focused. Great shots! :)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Terry, sounds great that David, Mickey and you had a wonderful time at Colorado Horse Park!
I think you took good photos of the jumping. I enjoyed all them!
Thanks for sharing! :)