Monday, May 19, 2014

First in the Pool!

Karen at "Thee Ashke...Horse Extraordinaire" said it best; Colorado is bipolar.  Early in the week, we struggled to get above freezing.  Now we're in the 70s.  Winter left the ranch a little worse for wear, so yesterday, Jenny and Rey joined us for a work day.

 Jenny, Rey, Dave and Mickey
take a break

We got a lot done.  We cleaned pastures, moved more gravel into the runs, redesigned the barn's roof drainage system and put up the dressage arena.  

Rey is as strong as an ox.

With the dressage arena back up for the summer, I was dying to be First in the Pool!  

 Boomer was a little less thrilled.
 I give you the raspberry, lady.

We had a nice ride.  Actually, Boomer did better than I did.  He had moments when he was a little behind the bit - we'll work on that - but otherwise he was really good.

He had nice crossing on the leg yields, and was just a really good boy.  I, on the other hand, rode fairly poorly, especially at the trot.  Head and eyes down, shoulders in front of the hips, yuck.  We'll work on that too.  I love trail riding, but it was grand to be back in the pool.  You're next, Paj.  David, thanks for coaching and taking pictures!


Alison said...

A little rusty after the long winter? Hey, just more reason to spend time playing with Boomer in the pool!

Lori Skoog said...

What a huge change in the weather. Love your new header shot and all the rest of the pictures. Nice that you were riding in one of them. Beautiful!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Terry:

So good we imagine to be back in your stride, so to speak. Hopefully at long last you have seen the back of winter.

Ruffles said...

Gorgeous pictures!! He must be such a cool horse to ride.

Dreaming said...

You both look great! What fun!

JJ said...

Looks like the perfect day! You and Boomer are beyond adorable. He looks handsome and your look great (albeit tiny) on that big guy!

John Gray said...

Just to let you know

You are officially my longest posting follower
Thank you x

Jim said...

Hi Terry.
I was never any good with languages but am catching on to 'Horse'!
I was expecting that you had a pool put in!! lol
You and Boomer look great together and I for one would not have noticed a thing out of has been a long winter. Must feel so good to be back with you pals!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love all photos, Terry!
Looks like you had a wonderful day! And you had a lot of work done. Well done!