Saturday, May 10, 2014


It is lovely today.  We are in the 60s.  I walked around the ranch taking pictures of the fresh Spring growth before tomorrow's snowstorm.

tiny leaves on the ashes

 tender shiny aspen leaves

 first buds on the crabapple

It's hard to get a deciduous tree established on the high plains.  Two years ago, I saw a small crabapple labelled with the variety "David".  I bought it in honor of my beloved.  I have hand-carried water to this tree for two years.  This Spring it rewarded us with its first buds.  And ... (wait for it)'s not a "David", which is a white variety!  The joke's on me!  But hey, anything that blooms is most welcome here!

 The daffodils are almost done. 
This is about the last clump still blooming.

In the first daffodil photo, did you spy who was crouching amongst the blooms?
Here he is -

 the bunnies don't even hop away from us. 

We are expecting 2" of snow tonight, 8" tomorrow and a high of 33 degrees Monday.  Hunker down, little bunny.  Goodbye, flowers.  Don't break, trees.  And most of all, stay safe dear horses.

Tune in next post for "After...".


Once Upon an Equine said...

Your plants look so pretty, and fragile with their new growth. I hope this storm passes quickly before it can do much damage.

Dreaming said...

Ah, fickle life on the plains of Colorado!
Your bunny is so cute. We have many, but the dogs delight in chasing them, so they don't hang around for long!
Maybe we won't get the cold... and the wind... and the snow!

Karen Burch said...

So not happy about the snow. . . .

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Stay warm sweet friend !
How well I remember those late Spring snow storms, just as you begin to believe that warmer weather is here to stay :)
Your pictures show a beautiful Spring already.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Terry,

Gosh, the weather really is precocious where you are. Such a variance in temperature from one day to the next can do so much damage, we do so hope that your trees will not be spoiled.

The first spring flowers are long gone here in Budapest but now quite damaging heavy rains are taking their toll. Who said making a garden is easy?

Jim said...

Aspen leaves have got to be my favourite! I love it when ours first appear and in August they begin to 'quake' in the wind.
I was just saying to Ron that you guys are further ahead into spring than we are here.....then you mentioned the snow!! I hope the forecast was all wrong!!
Cute little rabbit there too!

sophie...^5 said...

Not fair!
Just not fair!
Mother Nature can be cruel allowing those beauties to struggle and produce all the fresh new growth and then to cover it all in white stuff.
Just not fair at all!!

Stay Warm!!

Lori Skoog said...

The before is beautiful. Hope the after predictions did not happen.

JJ said...

Beautiful flowers (I hope they somehow survive the snow). I don't know that I could handle snow in May!!! :)

Ruffles said...

Such a gorgeous place!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

LOVE all photos, Terry! You live in a wonderful place.
These daffodils are so beautiful and delicate. So cute the bunny.
Thanks for sharing such beauty. :)