Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old Friends

Yay!  The sweet little mare has a new home with my old friend Kyt!  I am so happy for both of them! 

Sweet mare

This weekend I got together with some more old friends.  Suzanne and I boarded together for decades.  The barn we were at has fallen on hard times, and she's moved to a beautiful facility.  I love to see the rows of saddles and bridles.

Suzanne worries about Phamous, who's going on 21.  I think he looks great.

I'm pretty sure he feels great too.

We met our old friend Maureen and her new horse Ty.

Maureen took her other horse, Ricky, from barely broke to Intermediare.
Young Ty is Ricky's brother.
It will be a fun journey.

I've seen some really good cell phone photos.  These aren't them, lol!  Next time I won't forget my camera.


Dom said...

Love the rows of saddles :)

Lori Skoog said...

Those are some very nice bridles. At first I thought "all them for 4 horses." So glad your friend bought this horse.

And Terry, thank you so much for sending me a card. You are very thoughtful and a good friend.

Dreaming said...

Even with a phone the pictures are great. It is so much fun to see Phamous having phun. ;-)
What a a beautiful tack room!

Inger said...

I am so happy that the pretty white mare got a good home. How great is that?! That horse looks pretty frisky to me.

Kate said...

YAY for your friend and her beautiful new mare!

Ruffles said...

I'm glad for your friend and the sweet mare :) I'm sure they're gonna enjoy their time together.
Love that photo of the saddles.

thecrazysheeplady said...

What a great looking facility and cute mare too :-).