Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Summer Day

Diana and Bob took their big Clydesdale Boomer for a drive this morning. 

The flora has changed yet again. 
We still have early blooming wildflowers like Indian Paintbrush and Spiderwort, but plants in the sunflower family are taking over.  We have large drifts of Sprawling Daisy and patches of
Hairy Golden-Aster.

Sunflowers say summer to me


Dave said...

Cool Bee on Sunflower.

Louise said...

What's Boomer's story? From the picture on the side, it looks like he might have been one of the Budweiser Clydes at one time? Sunflowers say summer to me, too. That is a beauty.

Funder said...

OMG I forget just how big the BIG drafts really are. Wow!

Terry said...

Hi Louise and Funder,
Yes, Boomer is retired from the Bud hitch. He's 18.2, 2,200 pounds, and a big love. He was born at the California facility, was a lead horse on the Orlando hitch, and then St. Louis. We handle him every day, so I forget how big he is, but he's huge.

JJ said...

Boomer looks like such a sweet guy! 18.2 hands? Oh my gosh, 15.3 seems super tall to me - I guess it's a Morgan thing, LOL.

Lori Skoog said...

Terry...Many comments. First, sorry about your break from getting bucked off...I just realized that it was that serious. Second, Boomer is really something. How neat that he was part of the Bud Hitch. What is his age? He certainly is well maintained. Third, you know a lot about flowers!
And forth, I appreciate all your visits to my Journal! Thanks!

John Gray said...

big horses worry me a great deal, but he looks rather sweet and benign

Sandy said...

My fantasy purely fantasy, was to have a horse ranch somewhere in Montana, but I would settle for Colorado (I've only been to Denver) fact, lucky you! Nice blog.

in2paints said...

Boomer is gorgeous! Draft horses are incredibly amazing... they are so HUGE, but also so kind.

I'm still in awe that we are lucky enough to be able to have these magnificent creatures in our lives. The fact that they put up with us, especially considering their sheer size and power, is just so humbling.

Beautiful flower pictures as alway!

allhorsestuff said...

He is Boomin' BIG hunk-o-horse! Beautiful!
Thanks for the sweetest of comments at my place too...made my day, truly!

sophie said... handsome Clydesdale I'd say. I would definitely stay clear of those hooves!