Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember the Hail?

Remember our 4th of July hail storm?

The inspector came today, and like everybody else in our neighborhood, we need a new roof.  Make that two new roofs.  We need a new roof on the house, and a new roof on the barn.  That means boarding the horses for a few days, which I don't want to think about, what with Boomer and I not being at our best right now.  But of course winter is coming, so I have to think about it soon. 

Boomer is quickly getting his mojo back.  David is hand-walking him twice a day, and he strides out and uses his head and neck like a horse that feels fine.  I wish he could talk.

I am doing pretty darn good overall.  I can do almost all of the housework, I can feed the horses, I can weed, and I even scrubbed out a water trough today.  But it's funny how some things take you down.  I made zucchini brownies today, and the chopping and one-handed stirring nearly reduced me to tears!  And I thought I was tough!  I thought about Miss Chef over at Flartus' blog (click here), and I thought about how hard her job must be. 


Louise said...

Well, thank goodness your insurance company isn't giving you a hard time about getting that new roof. Glad to hear that both you and Boomer are feeling better. It's been a long haul for you!

Flartus said...

We had a similar hail storm here, and most of our neighborhood is getting new roofs. We held off, since our roof is only 3 years old. Who knows, maybe we'll regret it...

Miss Chef could never do what she does if she didn't love it so much. She freely admits she's a little crazy! (Know what she likes to do on her rare days off? Cook!!)

sophie said...

All I can think of is zucchini brownies...pls pls pls!

John Gray said... it going to be expensive?

in2paints said...

Glad to hear about you and Boomer! Sorry that the roof did not fare as well, but hopefully it isn't too much a hassle to have it replaced.

Jabacue said...

Take it easy with that chopping and stirring! Maybe something 'automatic' would help. Yikes! Two roofs in one day!

Sandy said...

zuccini brownies, yum!

I'll check out that link.

A new roof! That must have been some hail storm. Wow.