Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reggie goes to War

Now that the days are longer, we started letting the boys out into the paddock in the evening.  That lasted two days.  Reggie decided that he is Paddock Master, and those coyotes have to go.  We have a pair of coyotes that live in the gully.  They cut through the paddock early in the morning, and return across the paddock at dusk.  Reggie is having none of it.  He flattens his ears and goes after them.

This photo is not of Reggie, not of a coyote, and it's not even my photo.  But you get the idea.  We decided that horse vs coyotes could only end badly, so the paddock is now off-limits to the horses in the evening.  That works, because the paddock needs a rest.  It's not over-grazed, it's over-played.

We had a warm week, and the pastures thawed and dried out.  The footing was good enough to ride!  It was wonderful to ride again.  Paj was soft and forward and relaxed.  What a good boy after all that time off!  Boomer was very good too.  I was excited about getting back to regular work, and of course it's snowing today.

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~ Tom said...

Run away! Run away FASTER !!!