Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

It's Spring!  True, there's no leaves yet, and only a green blade of grass here and there, but we can ride again!  Yes!  Today is St. Patrick's Day, and my third ride in a week.  Yes!


Paj and I have porked up a bit over the winter, so we're taking our time getting back to work.  The previous rides have been nice walks.  Today we did a few suppling exercises along the fence line.  Shoulder-in was automatic, but I had to think about my aids for turns on the forehand and haunches.  "Now, how does this go?"  Paj responded as soon as I got myself straightened out.  We did just a little trot work, and rode down the lane a bit with David and Boomer.  It's so good to be riding again.  It's 63 degrees today, but they're saying we'll get 5-10" of snow Friday.  Ah, Spring.

David and Boomer

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