Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Snow

Oh joy.  Another snowstorm.  That makes a snowstorm a week for the last seven weeks.  Some weeks we've had more than one storm.  And we are setting a new record low for May 1 at 18F(-7.8C).  How special.

On the plus side, our pastures are looking nice and green.  And we're getting a good look at the birds as they swarm our feeders.  I've really enjoyed watching the male goldfinches molt into their Spring glory.  Of course, as soon as they are done molting, they will leave us until Fall.

April 11 - this one's just started the molt
April 17 - the one in front has some catching up to do!
 May 1
May 1 - just a few feathers to go
When they leave Moondance, where do they go?
Your place?


Dreaming said...

Oh, my. What wonderful pictures to show the progression... the beautification, as it were! Love it.
Are you sure it has only been 7 weeks with weekly snowstorms?!!

Karen Burch said...

We get Red Finches and some Orange Finches but no Goldfinches. They don't come here. :)

Lauren said...

Oh they're so bright and pretty!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I'll bet those pretty finches are cussing out the weather too! Tiny little birdy curses. ;D

It's still just barely spring here. Much cooler and wetter than usual. I keep thinking at least the chance of drought is lower now...

Kate said...

Dear Colorado, ENOUGH SNOW!