Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stinkin' Varmints!

Even though the trees haven't leafed out yet,

and the daffodils haven't bloomed yet,

I know it's Spring
the stinkin' varmints are running amuck! 

Cute, you say?
He's harvesting my garlic bed!

Look at my side yard!
They've "burrowed" right over the hose!

And this
is where
should be!

Stinkin' varmints!


allhorsestuff said...

Holy-Hole In The Ground!
Terry, It May Be War.

It Made Me Laugh Though, The Way you Set It Up.

Mary Ann said...

Wait, what IS that thing? We don't have them here, unless it's a chipmunk and I just can't identify it... we don't see them here either!

Working in the garden again today, look at the blog later to see what I found in the pasture!

Terry said...

Mary Ann, that's a thirteen stripped ground squirrel. The tunnels were probably made by voles. We have lots of both!

Terry said...

Striped, not stripped. Geez.

IanH said...

Oops, Starting to sound like Yosemite Sam or Elmer Fudd. Guess i have been spending too much time with the grand kids watching Teletoons. :-{

Kate said...

YIKES! they are busy little fellows.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

They are annoying AND cute :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Last year we were over-run by moles, they ruined the garden, and left mayhem wherever they travelled. It's so annoying, and worse when you have livestock who could put a hoof in one of those holes !

Dreaming said...

I hate them, too! They are so destructive.
At our old house they decided to add 'in-tunnel' plumbing - they chewed holes in the irrigation system. I hope they drowned when the water came on... but somehow I doubt it.

Lori Skoog said...

First of all, you have had another change in the weather. Your critters are quite artistic...bad news about the garlic.

Inger said...

Do you have gophers too? They are the worst on our garden. They can pull an entire squash plant underground and eat it. It was interesting to see them moving earth on top of your hose. I heard bad weather is spreading across the country. This morning, we have already had rain, hail, snow and winds gusts up to 70 mph. My daffodils are out, blowing in the wind!

jenj said...

Wow, those are industrious little critters. Although, I do think they're kinda cute... but I don't have to deal with them thieving in my garden!

I don't suppose the cats are much help with them?

Terry said...

Jen, my kitties and our little dog Mickey would love to take care of them, but we have so many coyotes I don't let our pets loose. It's a fox-chicken-corn type problem.

Angelikas Photographic Sketchbook said...

Spring is two month late in London this year. We're still waiting for it all to emerge. The missing element is sun, sun, sun and a bit more warmth, please?!

Jim said...

Yikes! I see what you mean Terry! I've heard these critters can cause havoc and it sure looks like they are at your place. Anything short of killing them that could discourage them from eating everything in sight? Good luck!

A Normandy kitchen said...

Hi Terry,
We have the same problem but with rabbits eating EVERYTHING!

Ruffles said...

That sucks!! They look creepy.

Fundy Blue said...

You crack me up, Terry! lol ~
although I'm sorry that they get after your garlic!

in2paints said...

Too funny!! Well, not really... but you know what I mean. :)

All the critters are adorable. Even the ones wreaking havoc!