Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dog Show, Horse Show

It was a weekend full of dogs and horses.  The hike Mickey and I participated in on Saturday raised $130,000 for homeless pets.  Yay!  Sunday I went to a dog show to watch Mickey's supermodel* girlfriend Gossamer strut the runway.  Gossy is Diana and Bob's Borzoi.  She was a star.  Yay!

Gossamer (Gossy), handled by Kay

I don't know enough about dog shows to tell you the names of the classes she won, but win she did.  And she earned points.  Kay was showing Gossy and a male Borzoi, Kiss, so when Kiss won his class too, Kay handed his lead to Diana for the boy winners vs girl winners class. 

Diana, Kiss, Kay, Gossy

A good time was had by all.
Lynn, Bob, Kay, Gossy, Diana, Kiss

It was a big weekend.  I watched a bit of the dressage championships too.  Remember Elvis?  His half brother, Hound Dog, did very well in the 1st Level championships.  Hound Dog is 4 years old, and owned and ridden by Shannon.

Hound Dog and Shannon

My old friend Phoenix had a rock solid freestyle.
Here's a very short clip of his three tempis.

This horse is such a sweetheart.

*Kay G called Gossy a supermodel in a comment.  It fits and I'm stealing it!


Kay G. said...

I must tell you when I first began reading this, I thought to myself...I'm not the only one to see that this dog should be called a super-model, and then you mention my name at the bottom. Thank you!
And $130,000! That is so great.
Love the horse video too.

Lori Skoog said...

This post is FULL of beauty! Wow.

Texan said...

Pretty doggies and oh my gosh that clip of Phoenix, I don't know a thing about horse stuff but oh my stunning!

Jim said...

Gossy the ghost Borzoi! What a beauty! And while I'm on the subject of beauty.....Hound Dog you look spectacular too!
From dogs to horses Terry....liked this post!

Alison said...

All political commentary aside (eye roll), that is one pretty dancing horse!

Ruffles said...

Wow! You guys helped raise a ton of money, that's awesome :)!
Congrats to Gossy, sounds like she did awesomely.
Lovely video, they make a great pair.