Monday, February 27, 2012

New Year's Resolution - Grade - F

My New Year's resolution was to "truly appreciate this world's glory and power".  I even posted this gorgeous video to show how I was feeling.

Finding Oregon from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

My intention was to appreciate not just the easy stuff like pretty sunrises, but to appreciate all my world, including the power of the weather.  Well, BLAH!  I am failing Weather Appreciation 101!  We've had snow on the ground forever!  It is finally leaving, and do you know why it's leaving???  Because we are having 2 days of non-stop howling, shreeking wind!  We've been between 30-35 mph all night and all day, with gusts over 50 mph.  Tomorrow?  More of the same!  Enough already! 

The good news?  After 5 days of hoof soaking, bandaging and medicating Paj with SMZs, the shoe went back on, and he's all better.  Yay.  The other good news?  February is almost outa here!

Next year's resolution?  To appreciate the easy stuff like puppies and flowers and sunshine!


Texan said...

I am quite sure all of that stress was not funny, but your post about it made me laugh, mostly the last line!

Hang tight spring is coming :O)

Dreaming said...

Yes. Hooray for cute fuzzy things!
The wind pulled the top of the stall door out of my hand and slammed it against the wall of the barn. The hardware put a hole in the metal barn.. not a big one.. but it is still a hole!
The wind also pushed the tonneau cover on the bed of the truck up....5 times.
One of my friends suggested I weigh myself down with bags of sugar for the horses on my way to the barn. You may want to consider the same thing!
Stay warm.
I do think the 'wind tousled' look is kinda cute!

Dreaming said...

Oh, I forgot to say, "hooray" for Paj's hoof being better.

Flartus said... can be thankful the weather is giving you something to blog about? I'm thankful it compelled you to re-post that fabulous video! I lurv it! :)

Good for Paj! One less thing to irritate you during the shriek-fest.

Sharon said...

Glad Paj is better!

We had a couple days of high wind - no snow, but if I shut my eyes I thought it sounded like a blizzard!

Spring will be soon enough, and more chores... :-)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh! I like puppies, flowers, and sunshine too! Wind...not so much. It's awful here too. I feel sorry for the birds. How can they fly in this? They sure can't eat; my bird feeder is somewhere in my pasture now.

I'm very happy that Paj's hoof is all better!

Janet said...

Doesn`t sound like you have been having much too fun Terry ! Good idea- stick to puppies and kittens !
Glad to hear Paj is better

Funder said...

Hahaha you poor thing. We're getting crazy wind for the next two days but after that maaaaybe it'll be springlike again? We can hope, right? :)

Glad Paj is on the mend!

Jim said...

I agree! The important stuff! Everything that makes life 'sparkle'!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Terry, I am glad to hear that Paj's hoof is better!
Love the video! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your visiting and nice comment on my blog.
Have a good week ahead.