Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Shut-Ins

On days like this - 12 degrees with driving snow and 25 mph winds - we do everything we can to keep the horses healthy and happy.  We keep the guys in, feed extra hay, and try to keep them entertained.  For boredom relief, we've hung a Likit horse treat between Paj and Reggie, and another between Ben and Boomer.  We hang them high; past experience has taught us that low ones get all over blankets and everything else.  It's messy enough on the stall bars.  On Christmas Day, Paj had little red flecks all over his face.  My heart skipped a beat before I realized it was tiny pieces of the peppermint flavored Likit Santa brought, and not lots of little wounds.

Ben enjoys a Likit, but Boomer imbibes only to be social.

It's a Likit, Paj, not a Biteit!

Watch how Reggie does it -

That's it.

Oops, you've got some on your face, buddy.

Tomorrow will be a better day with a high around 30.  Release the dragons!  The forecasters say we will warm up to 50 by Sunday.  That's good weather for scrubbing Likit off the stalls.


Jim said...

Ben looks like me with that scruffy beard after a few days of not shaving!! lol
What a good idea to keep them occupied. Who would have thunk? Not me for sure!
It is now minus 10 degrees Celsius with a wind-chill of minus 20!!! What the heck?! Winter is here! Stay warm!

Lori Skoog said...

How long is this crazy weather going to continue. We were in the 40s today but could have rain and snow in the next couple of days. -12 to 50 degrees sounds like colic weather. I hate those big changes. Hope you have a nice cozy fire going.

Texan said...

rofl great pics! I like the last one LOL.. let me just get that dab of peppermint off your nose for you LOL..

Dreaming said...

I can just imagine how you felt when you saw those flecks of red.... then I bet you laughed!
I haven't tried edible play things.... I'm worried that Pippin might take the edible too far!

Janet said...

They sure must taste good ! glad to see a bit of team work there between the boys helping each other out with the lick xx

Kate said...

Lucy thinks they're bite-its, too!

Ruffles said...

Great photos lol!! Looks like they love the LIkits

OnTheBit said...

I hope that you too are tucked in all cozy at home and not out in the snow. I love the pictures! Hysterical!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Cute. They sure love those Likits!