Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meet the Neighbors

This was a big day for our neighbors.  Kate and Mike raise alpacas, and today they hosted an open house for National Alpaca Farm Days.  Kate calls the alpacas "the kids".  Here is one of this year's cria (babies) BG.  Isn't she pretty?
After the farm tour, we enjoyed a potluck lunch and a good gab.  Then there was the grand opening of Kate's fiber shop.  Kate spins her fleeces and does all the fiber arts.  She plans to give classes too.  Congratulations, Kate and Mike.  Oh, and before you say "Mike loves his wife.  How sweet", let me tell you what Mike's T-shirt really says.  Big text, I Love My Wife.  Tiny text, when she lets me go fishing.

If you would like to see more beautiful alpacas and meet an amazing can-do woman, please visit my blog friend Jayne in Scotland at Zanzibar Alpacas.


Jim said...

How great is this? I love alpacas and their fleece. They look like good people Terry!
Will check out Jayne's blog too.

Sharon said...

That BG is just like a giant stuffed toy, and so cute!!!

Ha ha, Mike's shirt! Good one!

Janet said...

Oh ! their baby is adorable-they look like a fun pair- you obviously get on really well with them ,hope they did well with their open day-have a great weekend x

Louise said...

That is a cute baby! I hope that your friends have a very successful opening of their fiber shop.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Now I know why I've seen so many signs for open Alpaca farms this weekend. How fun! I have some Alpaca yarn I need to knit. So soft!

First glance at your post I thought, "Where can I buy a shirt like that for my husband?" Then I read the fine print. Hilarious.

Texan said...

oh my is that cria the cutest thing or what! It doesn't even look real its so cute! lol