Thursday, March 17, 2011

Move Eve

Tomorrow is the day we move Jan's horses Lakota and Elvis from the show barn to Jan's.  There's nothing better than having your horse at home.  But I've enjoyed riding Lakota at the show barn this winter, and I want to reflect on the experience.  It was wonderful having a beautiful, heated indoor arena with incredible footing virtually to myself, but there's so much more to appreciate.

I appreciate
the pretty drive,

the majestic ponderosa pine at the entrance,

the rows of bridles
and saddles.

I appreciate seeing my own legs in breeches and boots
instead of overalls and muck boots.

I appreciate riding Lakota, and the rapport we've established.  I appreciate his whinny when he sees my car, and the way he comes to the gate.  I appreciate all we've accomplished under saddle.  He got me back in riding shape.  We rode leg yields, shoulder-in, haunches-in, and started half-pass.  We struggled with canter at first, and eventually figured it out.  I couldn't understand how a horse that did all his trot work so well could break at the canter.  I'd feel him start to lose his self-carriage, I'd give a little half-halt to gather him up, and he'd break.  Arg!  I beat myself up for a while, questioning my aids like all riders do.  Then one fine day I realized he was messing with me!  After he knew that I knew, the game was over and the canter work was fine.  Even that was fun.

(note to self - please turn those toes in!)

Most of all, I appreciate Jan,
 who gave me the opportunity to ride Lakota at a beautiful barn over the winter.
That's a big gift.


Lori Skoog said...

And what a beautiful horse! Nice opportunity! Hope Jan is doing well...I'm sure she will be happy to have her horses home.

Janet said...

Lakota is beautiful ! no wonder you love riding him -you look damn good on him too !- it takes a while to establish a good rapport with a horse- I bet you are a little sad at giving him back but delighted for Jan at the same time xxxxx

Flartus said...

So, does Paj get jealous...or is he happy to let somebody else train you? ;)

Good for you for appreciating the little things. That sure is one lovely, clean tack room.

Texan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time helping a friend :O). See I always say horses are thinkers (thus the game Lakota played with you) Big powerful thinkers LOL. Yes I will still stay on my side of the fence and just appreciate them from there :O). Though I might walk up to Boomer and give him a carrot :O). Hope your friend continues to do well and feels 100% soon!

Sharon said...

Great pictures! Lakota is a beautiful horse, Jan will be happy to have him home, I know you will miss riding him. I don't ride, but I love to watch, horses are such beautiful animals!

JJ said...

It sounds like you had a great experience at the show barn this winter! Lakota is a very nice looking horse, I bet he was a joy to ride and also a great teacher. I hope the move home goes well for the boys.

Sandy said...

I may not understand all the lingo but I love to look at horses and horse stuff Sounds wonderful.