Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Behind

Opps!  I'm behind in all things.  I'm behind in the housework, and I'm behind in the things I enjoy, like reading blogs.  I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody. 

We have been crazy-busy making the place safe for the horses again after the roofing.  We've combed the pastures and the paddock, picking up shreds of insulation.  There was actually less of that than I feared.  However, there were a lot of screws and metal screw gaskets in the runs. 
If a horse ate this stuff, it could be deadly.  And we don't want anybody getting a screw through their hoof either.  We used a shoer's magnet to find them all, I hope.

We are also busy taking care of Chuck's horses, and we're mighty glad to be helping out there.  We told him we'd have our horses there for a day or two.  It was eight days.  Chuck and Elyssa were so nice to us they even acted like they were sorry to see us leave.

It hasn't been all work and no play.  We've been enjoying having our little family together again.  Our tough-guy Reggie has been a little cling-y.
Paj was glad to see his bare patch of ground again.  It's where we pushed extra soil when we built the arena.  It has a special attraction for Paj.  Go figure.

Boomer just wanted a good roll.
We are trying to get some work on Boomer every day the weather permits to get him ready for the Christmas parade.  He'll be pulling the surrey, and we want it to be a piece of cake for him.
It's a long way down off Boomer.

People have kindly asked what we're going to do with the horses when the roofers come back to replace the three bent panels, and the answer is I don't know.  I'm torn.  I'd love to leave them home, out in the pastures.  But I don't really trust the roofers to be done in one day, and I don't trust them not to drop screws, etc.  Like Scarlett, I'll think about it tomorrow.


Verde Farm said...

Boomer is so tall...Wow. He will be great in the Christmas parade. So good you used the magnetic tool--I've yet to find a roofer that doesn't make an absolute mess. Our yard was a garbage dump after the roofers came. I cried it was so bad. It took a long time to get it all up. Great moon shot :)

Terry said...

Oh Amy, I felt like crying. Thanks for understanding.

in2paints said...

I'm so glad your babies are home! I bet you are too. :) The pictures are lovely!

Wouldn't it be nice to find businesses that were horse friendly? You know, like roofers who understood they couldn't just drop nails and gaskets willy nilly?

I'm sorry that those people have to come back and fix the bent panels... tell them for every screw they drop you're deducting $1 from the bill. :)

Jabacue said...

So much to think about with our critters, eh? Great shot of Reggie! I don't know that much about horses other than they are huge! My only two experiences with horses weren't good ones. First one took off like a 'bat out of hell' and headed for the side of the barn! The other only wanted to roll over all the time when I was on back. What can I say.....I don't think it was Boomer! lol
Wow! That moon pic....nice.
Glad you like my pictures too.

Janet said...

Boomers a beauty ! I bet he makes for a comfy ride ! like sitting in an armchair ! take care-hope everything gets sorted out real soon x

Flartus said...

Don't be surprised if I drive up to your house one day, knock on the door and say, "Can I meet Boomer?" :D

Sharon said...

Boomer is a big'un for sure! They all seem happy to be home!

You take some good pictures, love the roll, and the moon!

Louise said...

It must be so great for you to look out of the window and see all of your four-leggers back on home territory. You have to be so vigilant when you are taking care of horses. They can get themselves into trouble if everything is perfect around them, but the just seem to find that one little thing that's wrong and injure themselves on it.

JJ said...

Boomer is a tall boy ~ that looks like quite a drop! I hope he does well for the parade!

Texan said...

I think I would just have to pet that Boomer if I ever saw him in person, even though I am scared stilly of horses! He is just so awesome!! Okay as long as he was on one side of the fence and I was on the other!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Hi Terry-
Your place is gorgeous! I love that you have stalls with nice the footing decomposed granite? We use pea gravel in all of our runs and arena and we love it.

We are in the middle of planning our new barn for our move to the Lake Tahoe area next year. It is exciting and daunting all at the same time. I'm enjoying seeing other people's designs and the way they care for their crew!

You must be so happy to have the herd home. Boomer is a BIG boy!!! Love that picture of the dismount-is that David?

Please give everyone a scritch for me and welcome them home!
Sue and the crew

John Gray said...

the moon photo would make a lovely christmas card!!!

Cat said...

Boomer is sure a nice looking horse! I do not know horses a bit, so this is a question from sheer ignorance. We had cows, and "fed" them a magnet, so that any metal like that would get caught. I take it that wouldn't work with a horse?

And I must say, I agree with John, that picture of the moon is just gorgeous!

Terry said...

Hi Cat,
No, the magnet thing wouldn't work with horses. Colic is the #1 cause of death in horses due to their delicate digestive systems. Some horses like my Paj are more prone to colic than others, so I worry a lot about what they are eating, how much water they are drinking, and even what the weather's like!

Sandy said...

great photos and loved seeing boomer rolling around....Have a great holiday and hope it all works out with the horses and the roofers etc.

allhorsestuff said...

Well hay there!
Nice to see the horses happy...and the weather there mild?! WOW! maybe the filled in dirt area hold some key mineral or trace ingredients Paj needs?
Looking so good on, there is just something about a gorgeous Clydesdale, under english tack!
You know what i do when i dismount...becasue hitting the ground has ALWAYS been my least liked thng about riding a horse(even when I had Trixie at 7-8) I have the horse sidestep or walk up the original mounting block( I like a tall 3 step one- or bale of "sacrifice hay"..and I get off the same as I got on...a taller person!

I'm with you, safety with the have a place to keep them, just for a few days..then they will return to a safer envirnment!And you'll then sigh a contented S*I*G*H!!!
Happy to know you, and Tahnkful too!