Sunday, February 28, 2010

A week ago -

A week ago, Paj was in trouble.  We were in the house and we heard banging.  It was coming from the barn.  Paj was striking with his front leg.  His nostrils were distended, and he was breathing hard.  Classic colic signs.  I tried to get my easy keeper/hardy eater to eat a bran, but he would have none of it.  It was snowing, and we knew it would take a vet a couple of hours to get here.  And then what?  If he needed fluids, we'd still have an additional hour and a half haul into the clinic.  So we made the decision to take him straight into the clinic instead of waiting.  David drove him through the snow, and I stayed to take care of the others.  We both had fear in our hearts.  But when David unloaded Paj at the clinic, he seemed fine.  In fact, he showed no signs of colic.  His gut sounds were good, he wasn't dehydrated, and all vital signs were normal.  Paj spent the night for observation and was released the next day.  He was tired for a few days, and his appetite was off.  Likewise the humans. 

A week later, Paj is full of energy.  Me, not so much.

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