Friday, October 30, 2009

After the Blizzard

Ok, we had a blizzard. On Day 1, we did limited pasture turnout, then run-only turnout. Day 2 was worse. We started with run turnout, then went to stall confinement with the top half of the run doors open, but we finally had to lock them completely in.

This morning we looked out the bedroom window at the snow -

The View from the Bedroom

Then we looked out the living room window at the snow. We can usually see Pikes Peak, but not this morning.

The View from the Living Room

Then we went to the barn. The horses couldn't wait to get out.

Paj plows a snow drift

Here Paj demonstrates how blankets get ripped -

Paj (left) and Reggie

Boomer (left) and Zan