Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Clinic

Ok, I admit it. I stalled out on introducing the herd. That's because the next horses in the herd are Reggie and Paj, and I don't know how to edit myself on our own horses. I'll get back to The Herd - Part 2 later.

Today was our first Fall Clinic. Dr. Gary and Ray came and did worming, shots, hygiene, checked teeth, and checked weight (all good), and answered a million questions. Here's the good news - the pastures are a nice crispy brown, so the horses can spend more time out. Here's even better news - there's no bad news!

Dave, Dr. Gary, Reggie, and Ray

Today we reached a milestone. It was one month ago that the horses came to Moondance Ranch. So where are we in terms of getting ready for winter? Well, David has moved the first 16 tons of gravel to Paj and Zan's runs and started Boomer's. The second load (another 16 tons) is on site. I am 4/5 done priming the runs, and hope to finish this week. I'm not exactly proud of that record; David moved 16 tons faster than I primed. Hmm.

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